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Without the support of our generous donors, our superior level of service would not be possible. Thank you to all of our recent donors:

Phil and Andrea Amsden


Bill and Quan Bancroft (in honor of Doug McGeehon)

Bill Barboni

Roma Barnes (in memory of Mark Barnes)

Herb Bass (in honor of Gavin Hopper)

Bersot Capital Management LLC (in honor of Steven Gold)

Denise Billings

Robert and Joan Blake (in honor of Robert Ragghianti)

Blum Capital Partners, L.P.

Frances Chang (in honor of Tammie Kim)

Jane Coyne

Daniel Engel

Richard Finley

Ellen Flanagan and John Sedlander             


Judith Gomoll

Good Earth Natural Foods

Anna Grant and Elaine Perego

Graham Green

Susan Hayase and Tom Izu

Michael A. Jenkins

Nick Kafkas (in memory of John Capinaris)

Marion Kneller

Kay Kohler and Jeffrey Kupers

Jonathan Lakritz

Evelyn Lee

Donna Little and Bill Kirst


Margaret E. Haas Family Fund

Laurel Marinelli

Jeffrey Martini

Michael McGeehon

Norm and Suzy Miller (in honor of Scott Miller)

Donald and Judy Nicholls

Glorraine Obertello

Bob Sarkisian (in honor of Carol Sarkisian)

Cheryl Sarkisian

Save Mart Supermarkets

Marc and Nicole Scholvinck

Fred and Helen Schwartz (in memory of Mark Barnes)


John Sedgwick

Leslie Shiner

Martin and Deidre Silverman

Ryan Sittauer

Michael and Nancy Smith

Stage 8 Fasteners, Inc.

Kristin Stoerker

Christopher Swiedler and Kendra Vara

John and Suzie Towns

Steven and Margaret Tsai

Michael and Eileen Van Zandt

Cathy Wagenaar

John and Barbara West (in honor of Andrew West)

Westamerica Bank

Phillip Ziegler (in honor of Art Murphy)


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